JIOH Vol 3 Issue 4

Original Research

1. Preetha E Chaly, Rajkumar M, Chandrasekhara Reddy, Navin A Ingle. A comparison of clinical and photographic scoring using the TF and modified DDE indices for recording enamel opacities. J. Int Oral Health 2011;3(4):1-8

2. Arpan Shrivastav, Ajay Bhambal, Venugopal Reddy, Manish Jain. Dental prosthetic status and needs of the residents of geriatric homes in Madhya Pradesh, India. J. Int Oral Health 2011;3(4):9-14.

3. Soniya Adyanthaya, Pushparaja Shetty. The effect of inflammation on the epithelial lining and polarization colors of collagen fibres in odontogenic keratocysts: A retrospective histopathological study. J. Int Oral Health 2011;3(4):15-22.

Case Report

4. Sharanamma B, Siddarth G, Basavaraj TB, Pankaj J. Von Willebrand Disease - Report of a case and review of literature. J. Int Oral Health 2011;3(4):23-28.

5. Ankita Gaur, Rachappa M Mallikarjuna, Sunanda G Sujan. Multiple congenital missing primary teeth: A case report. J. Int Oral Health 2011;3(4):29-32.  

6. Anita Panchal. Periodontic – endodontic  lesion  of  a  maxillary  lateral  incisor  with  palatoradicular groove  as  a  contributing  factor  of  periodontitis  -  A case report. J. Int Oral Health 2011;3(4):33-40.

Short Communication

7. Bina Kashyap, Sridhar Reddy. Multiple developing supernumeraries in an 8 year old boy: A case report. J. Int Oral Health 2011;3(4):41-44.