Journal of International Oral Health Vol 4 Iss 2

Review Article

1. Mithun Rajshekar, Estie Kruger, Marc Tennant: Bite-Marks: Understanding the role of general practitioners in forensic identification J. Int Oral Health 2012;4(2):1-8.

2.  Jayalakshmi K, Ravikumar, H Jaya Naidu, Archana Patil. Bisphosphonates in Oral Diseases: Updates of its implications in Dental Management. J. Int Oral Health 2012;4(2):9-16.

Original Research

3. Niketa Ramani, Sylvia Mathew. Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of chlorhexidine digluconate and propolis when used as an intracanal medicament: ex vivo study. J. Int Oral Health 2012;4(2):17-24.

Rafi A. Togoo, Mohammed Al-Rafee, Reena. K, Master Luqman. Dentists’ opinion on effectiveness of water fluoridation in controlling dental caries in Saudi Arabia: A nation- wide cross-sectional survey. J. Int Oral Health 2012;4(2):25-28.

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Navin A Ingle, Alapati K Kumar, Preetha E Chaly, Chandrasekhara Reddy. Contamination of Rings and Watches among Clinical and Non-Clinical Dental staffs. J. Int Oral Health 2012;4(2):39-46.

Case Report

7. Dominic Augustine, B Sekar, S Murali Invasive Aspergillosis of the maxilla – An unusual report. J. Int Oral Health 2012;4(2):47-52.

Roshan Samuel, Meenal Nitin Gulve, Kapil Golvankar. A  possible  link  between  amalgam  restorations  and  lichenoid  reactions  :  A  case  report. J. Int Oral Health 2012;4(2):53-56.