JIOH Vol 1 Issue I December 2009

Volume 1 (Issue 1)- December 2009

Orignal Research

Chintan Makadia and Harisit Patel.  Social inequality in tooth extraction in Indian insured working population.  J. Int Oral Health 2009 ;1: 1-9

Dhawal Patel  and Mohammad Hasib Saiyed.  Reasons for choosing dentistry as a career: a study of first year dental students, India J. Int Oral Health 2009 ;1: 10-19

Harish Tibdewal, Prutha Barad, Santhosh Kumar. Comparing Dental and Medical student’s knowledge and attitudes toward Hepatitis B , C and HIV infected patients in India - A cross-sectional study. J. Int Oral Health 2009 ;1: 20-32

Manish Jain, Anmol Mathur, Leena Sawla.  Dental Clinical teaching in India: perceptions of Dental students and teachers. J. Int Oral Health 2009 ;1: 33-46

Review Articles

Mayank K C,  Vinay V R. Steroids and Oral Health. J. Int Oral Health 2009 ;1: 47-51

Moulshree Dube,  KC Ponnappa. Smart ART!! J. Int Oral Health 2009 ;1: 52-57